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    • Normal ticket - 2 days

      Join us for the full DrupalCamp event on 23 & 24 November 2018

      € 20,00

    • Normal ticket - 1 day - 23 Nov only.

      Join us for the DrupalCamp event on 23 November 2018

      € 13,50

    • Normal ticket - 1 day - 24 Nov only.

      Join us for the DrupalCamp event on 24 November 2018

      € 13,50

    • Community ticket - 2 days

      Support the (local) Drupal community with this ticket, valid for the 2 days of DrupalCamp. You will get a special indication as supporting visitor on your badge, and will be highlighted as community sponsor.

      € 25,00

    • Donation to support DrupalCamp

      If you want to support DrupalCamp with an extra donation, you can do so by adding this item. Also useful if you want to support us, but cannot attend the conference. Eternal good karma will come your way!


About this event

DrupalCamp Ghent is an annual gathering of people loving, learning and discussing the open-source content management system, Drupal. Sessions cover Drupal topics such as useful modules, front-end, use-cases or doing business with Drupal, but also related topics such as Symfony or php. Join us to learn, share and get involved in the community!

See http://drupalcamp.be for more information!

Prices & tickets

  • You can purchase a ticket for the 2 day conference, or a single-day ticket. 
  • Currently early bird ticket prices apply. Get your tickets fast, before prices rise!
  • If you are a student from HoGent or another school, you are eligible for a free ticket! Send us a mail to info@drupalcamp.be (sent from your school email address) to claim your ticket.
  • If you want to support our community-driven event, consider helping us out by buying a community ticket.
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Valentin Vaerwyckweg
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