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About this event

Drupal Developer Days is an event organized by the Drupal community which gathers people from all over the world who contribute to the progress of Drupal, taking place in Europe every year. 

Drupal Dev Days Ghent 2020 will be the meeting place of students, hobbyists and professionals interested in learning about the latest updates, exchanging information with leading international experts and strengthening the network within the community. Event highlights include sessions in a variety of categories, workshops and contribution sprints, where participants come together to develop, test, document, fix and design to improve the Drupal platform.

Join us in the wonderful medieval city of Ghent to learn, share and get involved in the Drupal community!

See https://ghent2020.drupaldays.org for more information!

Prices & tickets

  • Get your tickets fast, before prices rise! We have a bunch of tickets available at reduced prices (30 tickets for really fast attendees, and 40 tickets for fast attendees).
  • After reduced price tickets have been sold out, tickets will be available at regular prices.
  • When 300 tickets have been sold, prices will rise to a late attendee fee.
  • If you are a student from HoGent or another school, you are eligible for a free ticket! Send us a mail to ddd@drupal.be (sent from your school email address) to claim your ticket. This grant is subject to moderation, and the number of available grants is limited.
  • If you want to support our community-driven event, consider helping us out by adding a community donation. You will be mentioned as a community sponsor at the event.
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